Blog / Gintastic news: Our TWIGA London Dry Gin wins two awards

Gintastic news: Our TWIGA London Dry Gin wins two awards

TWIGA London Dry Gin at Craft Spirits Berlin 2024 and the World Spirit Award 2024

Our distiller, Mr. Patrick Säly, has won two awards with our gin - and that at his very first attempt!

But let's start from the beginning...

Know-how from the KLOSTERTAL, organic pineapples from UGANDA and a distillery from TSCHAGGUNS - here you go. The TWIGA story. Now also available to drink. TWIGA Gin - the one with the pineapple.

At the beginning of December 2023, Patrick Säly asked us if he could submit our TWIGA London Dry Gin to Craft Spirits Berlin 2024 and the World Spirits Award 2024 in addition to his fine brandies. What a question, of course we didn't send Patrick home empty-handed. And so the Christmas season quietly passed and the new year dawned. What we didn't know at the time was that our gin was met with great interest by the expert jury - or as they say, they were all gin and gone.

We are extremely proud and share his joy at winning the bronze medal at Crafts Spirits Berlin 2024.

But we are not satisfied with just one award, because we can do even better. Säly Edelbrände wins silver (89,5/100 points) at the World Spirits Award 2024.

Here is the report of the World Spirits Award 2024 jury:

Aroma: fine juniper-citrus duet, slightly resinous, mineral accents, flint, cloves, beautiful citrus portfolio, oranges, of course TWIGA organic pineapple, rooty notes. Palate: Straightforward transition on the palate, citrus oils, typically juniper berry, rooty, resinous-coniferous, slightly mineral, naturally TWIGA organic pineapple juice and fruit pieces, orange peel, albedo, white chocolate, floral components, lavender, nice alcohol sweetness, good density and length, somewhat edgy finish.

Of course, it is sometimes difficult for a layperson to understand this summary by a panel of experts, but one thing should be said: in the end, it all adds up to a gin.

So, have you tried our liquid gold yet and would like a refill? Then head to our store or simply send us an email.

P.S. Anyone can mix gin with exquisite tonic water, but only we can mix TWIGA London Dry Gin pure with dried TWIGA organic pineapple in a glass.

With this in mind, the first gin-full idea is born.