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Gin tasting at the ISEC 2024

Our winning gin presents itself to the world!

We prepared for ISEC 2024 with great anticipation. At the beginning of April 2024, with two awards, a load of organic pineapples and a new development for a holistic system solution in our luggage, we were on the way to Graz.

And what can we say, our expectations were even exceeded. We had our own stand at the International Sustainable Energy Conference 2024 ISEC2024, where we were able to taste our silver-winning TWIGA London Dry Gin to the numerous participants. We had the opportunity to discuss our farm2fork-system solution with potential customers and colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. As a small snack in between, our stand guests enjoyed TWIGA organic pineapples from Uganda. And for those who dared to try the pineapple in a glass with gin - our hearts beat even faster. Because that's our way of enjoying sustainability.

We are very proud that we were able to be part of this fantastic ISEC2024 event and make our KamiraSunanas pilot plant in Uganda shine even brighter.

A big thank you to Christian Fink and Christoph Brunner from AEE INTEC for this great opportunity.

Thanks to the positive feedback and the numerous invitations, we will certainly be attending another event soon.

Thus our final prayer: If life gives you pineapple - add gin.