Blog / TWIGA goes Innsbruck Alpine Trail Run Festival 2024

TWIGA goes Innsbruck Alpine Trail Run Festival 2024

We are delighted to present the history of TWIGA and our products at the IATF 2024.

George Sheehan once said "The first half hour I run for my body, the second half hour for my soul".

What were the runners, who started the 110 km run at 00:00 at the longest trail run of the Innsbruck Alpine Trail Run Festival 2024, thinking?


For the 9th time, from 02.05.-04.05.2024, the Innsbruck Alpine Trail Run Festival took place in Innsbruck, Tyrol and we were allowed to be there with a market stand. Alexander Pittl from Laufwerkstatt and his team organized a magnificent event and gave us the opportunity to present our story and products directly at their merch pagoda. In addition, the numerous runners, and when we say numerous, we think we heard over 5,000, were given our pineapple at the refreshment station for regeneration. The very brave ones allowed themselves a little jump start in the form of a gin. Others, on the other hand, were extremely grateful for a natural sugar boost after the run directly at the stand.

Elisabeth and Sabrina were on site all three days and promoted our TWIGA project to all possible nations.

Many thanks to Alexander Pittl and his team at Laufwerkstatt for this great change.


To round it all off, we can only say: Run, our little TWIGA pineapple, run - out into the wide world.